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I think this looks adorable. I was a bit apprehensive about 3D animation (which really, I shouldn't be at this point, 3D animation has progressed *a lot*), but even in this short clip it looks great. The animation looks fun and bouncy, and I love it. Love the music as well. The backgrounds of course look *amazing*. Moomin was such a huge part of my childhood (books, comics, tv show, games, you name it), I'm ready to experience some of that again. Can't wait for this, I'm so excited!.

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i LOVED The Moomins!!!!! Such cute animation, way better than the later cartoon. I didn't find it creepy, just enchanting. t could never understand why I couldn't have a pet moomin.... :) .


What are the networks that this show will come to the us? Nick jr?

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in the winter wonderland mario and sonic at the winter olympic games wii Moomins, and? the… Winter Wonderland & Movie, Watch, Online Charming kids story for the Christmas season. Clearly a new classic holiday film for the kids. What a perfect excuse for going to the cinema with your family.

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Bill's voice is just too soothing

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The Traffic Separating Device currier and ives the homestead in winter The manga was better Moomins? and, the - Winter. Wonderland, espanol? es, Film This show gave me nightmares as a child

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